Welcome to the homepage of Total Elektronik LTD.

Thank you for showing interest in our company.

According to expectations of future cooperation, please allow us to introduce our concern in short. Our company was founded in 1992 in Győr, we are 100% in Hungarian ownership. It rests on traditional bases and has been working in its today form since 1999.

The average number of the company’s staff is 130.

Our main profile: producing of industrial process control systems, their installing and putting into operation.
The followings have important rolls among our main goals: to ensure blameless implementation process at keeping optimal profit – to satisfy our customers. Our middle and long term aims are not only growth, but rather safe working conditions and the quality of our work.

We started our service in Győr and around for bigger companies in 1992. Our profiles: electro-motor windings, repair of electronic machine tools and of garden machines.

In order to join the European circuit, we founded a site in Germany in 2002. We also aim to found a site in Austria, since Győr is located on the route Budapest – Vienna – Bratislava.

For companies we have since 2004 a wider range of services: upkeep and repair of industrial machines and devices /House technique/.

In our Hungarian plant we produce 0,4 KW electrical distribution devices and deal with measurement of electric shock protection.

Knowing the company’s customers’ supplier contacts, the company does everything to satisfy the claims of our evolved contracting parties. As far as possible, we perform our job in high quality. To reach this goal, our company has been working since 2003 according to ISO 9001:2001 quality system. We are member in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Győr-Moson-Sopron County, in the Industry Corporation of Győr, in ÉVOSZ and in VÉF. Since 2003 we are also member of the Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern.

Total Elektronik Villamosipari Szolgáltató Kft. | 9025 Győr, Kossuth Lajos út 152. | Service department: +36 96 527 896